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    ServPartners changes the paradigm from inconsistent, low-wage janitorial cleaning to facilities DETAILERS who are service partners anticipating your desire for high image, predictive cleaning and extended asset protection. We are your office detailers.
Services Designed for You //

Class A Office Occupiers

ServPartners brings together over 25 years of skilled office detail cleaning service to your office to deliver greater value and a better overall facility experience. We make space your place. We work directly for office occupiers to create predictive cleaning solutions for office furnishing, flooring, and Server rooms. Our clients have a service partner that is committed to innovation and more impact on productivity in a hybrid office future. 

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The post-pandemic office

Co-working and Local Offices

At ServPartners we don't see your office facility as a warehouse for human resources. It's a staging place that enables people to live better lives and do better work. Whether you operate a small to medium local office or a co-working space with entrepreneurs as clients, we make your space the place to be. ServPartners deliver detail, expertise, service excellence and consistency. 

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Hospitality, Multi-resident and Retirement Facilities

ServPartners has decades of experience supporting property managers with specialty cleaning services based on quality standards, consistency of appearance and ease of doing business. You need a service partner that clearly understands and operates in a multi-resident environment. We use our experience to design and manage floorcare and furnishings maintenance based on hitting your goals for appearance, lifecycle extension and cleaning for health. 

See our services under the Specialty Cleaning tab.

ServPartners business culture is based in Servant Leadership where Trust is the motivation, expected behaviour and its own reward. All our service partners and management are oriented with the "5 Gestures of Trust®" of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), of which we are an accredited member.

Our service values

  • We are Equitable. The customer is on an equal basis as the business.
  • We are Humble. Every team member's primary purpose is to help the customer succeed.
  • We are Proactive. We react quickly and decisively to serve and strive to better know what the client needs than they do and deliver.
  • We are Transparent.Our operations and activities are an "open book" to all our stakeholders.
  • We are Honest. We listen deeply and talk clearly and do what we say every time.