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ServPartners carpet corrective and restoration cleaning systems are built around Carpet & Rug Institute®(CRI®) principles, procedures and endorsed products.

Most semi-skilled janitorial carpet cleaning methods and equipment leave carpet wet with detergent residue because they have only been trained to "spray and suck" and as a result spots and stains remain and your carpet will resoil faster. Their technician may only do 4-5 carpet cleaning jobs a year; we do this every business day.

At ServPartners we have the premium equipment, cleaning agents, spot removers and the trained expertise to remove dry soil in a dry state first and then deep clean. If you want your carpet to look their best, look no further that ServPartners. For corrective cleaning we follow the rigorous guidelines of the CRI® to protect your carpet warranty, extend the fibre life and keep the office healthy. 


Ifyou are looking for a commercial carpet cleaning company in Halifaxor anywhere in Atlantic Canada that uses environmentally friendly products and practices, provides great customer service and makes carpets look great and last longer, contactServPartners for a free quote. Depending on the soil level and your carpet manufacturers recommendations we can use several to all of the following procedures.

Detailed Dry Soil Removal

ServPartners uses HEPA level vacuum equipment to remove dry soil from within the carpet fibre mechanically and with airflow to suspend and extract the soil. We do all this BEFORE moisture is added. Dry soil extraction is a deliberate and effective technique to remove the 80% of soil that can be best removed dry. Our people EXTRACT the soil through careful, overlapping vacuuming passes.

Professional Spot Removal

ServPartner technicians are trained and certified with IICRC courses in Commercial carpet and fabric cleaning. We understand the chemistry of cleaning and use a wide range of spot removers for spills and tracked in soil. ServPartners management has been called on by leading carpet mills serving Halifax commercial spaces to investigate, test clean and address carpet maintenance and installation issues. We are carpet cleaning nerds.

Custom-Blended Cleaning Solutions

We identify your carpet fibre and construction style as well as the spills and soil and create a blended cleaning solution with detergents and additives to best meet your needs. Our technicians will spray apply the cleaning solution and allow a 5-10 minute dwell time so chemistry works and it suspends the soil. We also have been long time advocates for Ecologo certified Green products.

Brush Agitation and Pile Lifting

During the chemical dwell time we provide brush agitation to work in the cleaning solution and that leaves the pile lifted and straight. Mechanical cleaning steps use industry approved dual cylinder brush machines and not floor buffers that can "swirl" and detwist the fibre yarn.

Hot Water Rinse Extraction

The deep cleaning step most recommended by carpet manufacturers is step four for ServPartner technicians. We use the best and most effective hot water extractors certified by CRI  to make sure the carpet is thoroughly rinsed free of soil and residue. Our technicians effective Suspend and Remove soil from your carpet and rinse it clean and fresh.

High Speed Drying

If conditions require it, our technicians are stocked with high speed carpet dryers that they will move from room to room as they are cleaning to accelerate the drying of your carpet. With our high quality hot water extractors removing most of the moisture, usually 15 minutes per room is adequate to increase the drying time for you to just a few hours before you can use your carpet.