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Offices, Hotels & Multi-tenant Residences

Your commercial carpets represent a significant investment. Deferred maintenance causes the premature replacement of tens of millions of sq ft of commercial carpet every year in Canada.

Extending carpet life through regular cleaning and maintenance makes for a healthier bottom line...and a healthier office! ServPartners uses industry-best cleaning systems to remove spots, dry soil and grime using predictive maintenance planning and extending the lifespan by 4-5 years.

Predictive Maintenance service combines the art of design with the science of cleaning. With our 25 years of commercial specialty cleaning experience we have managed the appearance of thousands of offices and provided field consulting for major commercial carpet mills. We capture soil in the high traffic funnel zones before they track in to your facility. We remove spots and spills monthly as they occur. We remove atmospheric soil from the cubicles, meeting rooms and offices with low moisture encapsulation cleaning so soil never builds up.

Predictive Maintenance Service for "Always Clean" Appearance

ServPartners' predictive maintenance service will keep your carpets looking like new, long past the average life of a carpet that is not regularly maintained. Some of our clients have even doubled the lifespan of their carpets through our regular subscription service. Every commercial carpet manufacturer recommends combined interim (low moisture) cleaning and scheduled hot water extraction to protect the health, appearance and warranty of the floor covering.

We call you the next day after every carpet cleaning service to ensure your 100% satisfaction. If anything was missed, we'll find it and arrange to fix it.

ServPartners carpet maintenance cleaning system combines:

  1. Spot removal monthly (there will be no build up of spills!)
  2. Ultra low moisture carpet cleaning to remove 1 month of soil (there will be no build up of tracked in soil) and lift the carpet pile for better dry soil vacuuming
  3. Periodic deep extraction cleaning of traffic areas (to remove deeper soil and sanitize for a healthier office environment)
  4. Speed drying after extraction to ensure dry flooring for the next day

We use a range of professional cleaning methods recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute® (official association of carpet manufacturers) to ensure we can maintain even the toughest spaces.
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